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WEBLOGIC ONLINE TRAINING: We are the online training providers for web logic server and provide the best specialized online training for web logic. We give innovative one to one training by using goto meeting, webx, Skype. We have adequate training programs, and training is from real time faculty with emphasis on real time working, interview preparation and certification. We have successfully trained many people individuals as well as working professionals.
Web logic online training institute provides web logic server java EE applications which are based on standardized, modular components; web logic online training institute provides a complete set of services for those modules and handles many details of application behavior automatically.

The following are the list or the training concepts for online training of web logic training.

1. Introduction to Web logic Domains, Servers and Machines
2. Web logic Server 6.1 System Requirements
3. Installing Web logic Server 6.1 with Service Pack 1
4. Installing the Web logic Server in Silent Mode

5. Testing the Web logic Server Installation
6. Web logic Server Directory structure
7. Creating a new Web logic Domain
8. Administration and Managed Servers